Optic Fibre Cables

What are Optic Fibre Cables and why are they needed?

Optic fibre cables are of two types; single more and multi mode. These optic wires carry high amount of data at extremely high speed and are therefore useful for high speed data communication, voice and video networks.

These high density Optic Fibre Cables are of excellent quality and are made with perfection to perform at lightning speed. The Optic Fibre Cables play a crucial role in network connection in order to make accurate delivery of data. Telecommunication companies & internet communication industries which has High definition signal and huge bandwidth requirement for bigger & faster data are choosing Optic Fibre Cables and for them “Sri Padmavathi Cables” is a best option with no compromise over quality.

The construction of these cables is done with top quality polymer for flexibility. High flexibility makes them reach the critical spaces and this enhanced quality makes it reliable and durable. The density and the overall quality if maintained initially while manufacturing, this Optical Fibre cables can withstand more strenuous environments.

We at "Sri Padmavathi Cables" ensure that each wire from a bunch of wires in optical fibre cables is robust and flexible at same time.

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Optic Fibre Cables

Optic Fibre Cables Cater to High Speed Data, Voice and Video Networks. Manufactured to Withstand adverse Conditions and Provides Maximum Fibre Safety.

Our Cables Offers Good Surface, Chemical, Rodent and Water Resistance. Due to Use of High-class Raw Material. It Prevents EMI, Current Conduit and Increases Immunity to Lightening Strikes.

Outside Plant Cables:

Cable Construction: CATV Unitube Design

No of Fibres Per Tube: 2, 4,6,8 12 upto 144 in single mode and multimode fibers.

Core Construction: S-Z, Stranded Multi Tube or Unitube.

Strength Element: FRP/ Aramoured Yarn/Glass Yarn/ Solid Steel Wire/ Steel Tape

Jacket Option: Single/Dual Jacket in UV Stabilized, HDPE/PU/LSZH/NYLON.

FRP: Fibre Reinforced Plastic

SW: Steel Wire

Operating Temperature: -20 to 70°C.

Cable Diameter (Nom.): 6 to 10mm +/- 0.25 mm

Weight of the Cable Kg/km: 35kg +/- 5kg

Standard Length in k.m: 1.5 to 3.5 Km

Max Bending Radius: 20D, D + Cable Diameter
Duct Cables
Direct Buried armoured Cables
Aerial Cables
Shallow Water Cables
Hybrid & Composite Cables
Tactical Cables

Distribution Cables

Tight Buffered Cables are Made for Premise Application. The Fibres Coated Typically 900 Microns are Flexible, easy to Handle and Simple to Install. They are Dry Core so the Connectors can be Terminated Directly on to the Fibre. Most Suitable for Backbone and Horizontal Applications.

Generic Specifics

Fibre to Core Counts: Upto 72 in Single Mode & Multimode Fibres

Core Construction: Distribution Style And Multi Core Rugged Break-out Style.

Strength Element: Aramid Yarn/Glass Yarn

Jacket Option: Single/Dual Jacket in LSZH.

Operating Range: 30°C to +70°C

FTTH/Blown Fibre

Fibre to The Home (FTTH) Applications are Rapidly Increasing, we Belive for Inside Building Laying The Cables Design has to Focus Solely on Flexiblity Mechanical Reliability to Survive Such an Application. Small Cables Size, Light Cable Weight, Easy to Install are Typical Features of Flexi Blown Cables.

Generic Specifics: Fibre to Core Counts: Upto 2 to 12 Cores in Single Mode & Multimode Fibres

Core Construction: Zip Type Dry /Tight Buffered or Unitube.

Strength Element: FRP/Aramid Yarn/Solid Steel Wire

Jacket Option: Single/Dual Jacket in UV Stabilized, HDPE/PU/ LSZ/ Nylon Others.

Operating Range: 30°C to +70°C
Duct Blown Cables
Premise Cables
Fig-8 Style Construction
Composite Fibre Cables