Lan Cables

What are LAN Cables and what you should know before your purchase?

A local area network, or LAN, is a computer network that connects computers in a specific area, which include homes, universities, companies, commercial buildings, labs, and just about any other location with a large number of computers in close proximity. In computer networking, LAN s are essential, and almost every computer device you use is connected to another device in some way. There are not just modest network connections, but they can also vary in size.

LAN s are a staple in our daily life in a variety of ways. We are most likely a part of a LAN if we are connected to players in a game played on computer or developing graphics on our PC at work. The most usual technique to set up a LAN is to use a LAN cable to connect your computer to a switch, which then connects to a router or modem. This resulted in the formation of a tiny network of hardware and wires known as a LAN.

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Lan Cables

LAN/CAT Cables meet the Performance Requirement of ANSI/TIA/568.C.2 are most Suitable to Voice, Data, Video low Voltage Control and all LAN Topologies Including Horizontal and Vertical Distribution Plenum and riser.

Standards: ANSI /TIA/568.C.2 /ISO/IEC11801

General Technical Particulars

Conductor: 23 AWG Bare Solid Copper

General Element: PE with Cross Separator

Nom. Dia of Conductor: 5.7 mm

Insulation: High Density Polyethylene

No. of Pairs: 4 Pairs ( Pairs Twisted Together)

RIP Cord: Provided

Outer Sheath: FR PVC/ LSZH

Nom. Overall Dia: 5.91 mm +/- 0.01mm

Packaging Length: 305 Mtrs. (1000 Feet)

Bending Radius: < 4x Cable Diameter at -20°C +/- 1°C

Pulling Force: (-20°C to +70°C)

Operating Temperature: (-20°C to +70°C)

Core Colour: Pair 1: White Blue
Pair 2: White Orange
Pair 3: White Green
Pair 4: White Brown

Electrical Properties

Conductor Resistance: 9.38ohm (for 100m)

Mutual Capacitance: 5.6nf (for 100m)

Resistance Unbalance (%): Max 5

Capacitance Unbalance: 330pf (for 100m)

Delay Skew (for 100m): 45ns

Propagation Delay Skew: 536bs (for 100m)

Current Rating: Max 1.5A

Operating Voltage: 72V

Dielectric Strength: 1000 V RMS