Lan Cables

Lan Cables

LAN/CAT Cables meet the Performance Requirement of ANSI/TIA/568.C.2 are most Suitable to Voice, Data, Video low Voltage Control and all LAN Topologies Including Horizontal and Vertical Distribution Plenum and riser.

Standards: ANSI /TIA/568.C.2 /ISO/IEC11801

General Technical Particulars

Conductor: 23 AWG Bare Solid Copper

General Element: PE with Cross Separator

Nom. Dia of Conductor: 5.7 mm

Insulation: High Density Polyethylene

No. of Pairs: 4 Pairs ( Pairs Twisted Together)

RIP Cord: Provided

Outer Sheath: FR PVC/ LSZH

Nom. Overall Dia: 5.91 mm +/- 0.01mm

Packaging Length: 305 Mtrs. (1000 Feet)

Bending Radius: < 4x Cable Diameter at -20°C +/- 1°C

Pulling Force: (-20°C to +70°C)

Operating Temperature: (-20°C to +70°C)

Core Colour: Pair 1: White Blue
Pair 2: White Orange
Pair 3: White Green
Pair 4: White Brown

Electrical Properties

Conductor Resistance: 9.38ohm (for 100m)

Mutual Capacitance: 5.6nf (for 100m)

Resistance Unbalance (%): Max 5

Capacitance Unbalance: 330pf (for 100m)

Delay Skew (for 100m): 45ns

Propagation Delay Skew: 536bs (for 100m)

Current Rating: Max 1.5A

Operating Voltage: 72V

Dielectric Strength: 1000 V RMS