Flexible Cables

Sri Padmavathi Cables High density Flexible Cables have a wide range of applications, starting from Building Wiring to House-hold Wiring, and Control Panels of data processing equipment to heavier machinery. Flexible Cables are comparatively easy to install/reinstall and easier to pack away after use by coiling to store. There are a number of applications that require either constant movement or a the cables to be placed at a certain angle.

What makes the cables flexible and why do we need high-density flexible cables?

There are two types of Flexible Cables available in the market; Single Core Flexible Cables and Multi-core Flexible Cables. As the name suggests, Single Core Flexible Cables consist of single conductor and are generally used for domestic purpose. On the other hand, Multi-core Flexible Cables are comprised of multiple conductors that are surrounded by outer sheath. These cables are predominantly used for industrial purpose. The functionality of these high-density sets varies as their construction and applicability is distinct in nature.

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Flexible Cables

Standards: IS : 694: 2010, BS 6004 / 95 & BS 2465, IEC : 228

Voltage Grade: 450 / 750 / 1100V

Cable Codes: Y : PVC Insulated Copper Conductor Cable

YY: PVC Insulated Copper Conductor PVC Sheathed Cable

Colour Code: As Per IS or Customised by Customer Requirements

Type: Single / Multi Core Flexible

Cross Section Area: Single core 0.5 sq mm to 1000 sq mm
Multi Core: 0.5 to 240 sq mm

Conductor: Copper. Solid / Stranded / Multi Stranded

Class: 1, 2, & 5

Insulation: Type “A” PVC / FR PVC / FRLS PVC / HR PVC

Sheath: General Purpose PVC / Flame Retardent Low-smoke(FRLS) Low Smoke Zero Halogen / LSZH / ZHLS

Application: Building / House Hold wire/Control Panel/Machinery