LT Power Cable

What are LT Power Cables and how to understand the Power Cable Codes?

LT power cables provide a variety of safety measures and are extremely durable. These Low Tension Power Cables are built of high-quality copper and aluminum for improved conductivity and are ideal for transferring electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial units. Single core or multi core cables are used to construct LT Power Cables.

What are Single Core LT Power Cables?
Single core cables have a high ambient temperature and are good conductors of both electricity and heat. These are difficult to melt or burn.

What are Multi Core LT Power Cables?
Multi core cables are cables that have more than one core in them.

LT power cables are highly used and recommended for all electricity supply needs. The robust quality and manufacturing standards decides the dependability of the cables and set their longevity. They are installed in Residential, Commercial or industrial units and remain for long period of time without comprising the quality.

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LT Power Cable

Standards: IS 1554 Part-1 , 1988, IS 7098 Part-1 1988, IEC 60502 & BS 5467

Voltage Grade: 1100V

Product Range: Single Core up to 1000 sq mm
Multi Core: up to 630 sq mm

Cable Codes:
W: Steel Wire Round Armoured,
F : Flat Steel Strip Armoured
WW : Steel double Round Wire Armoured
FF : Steel Double Flat Strip Armoured
Y : PVC For Outer Sheathe
CE : Individual Core Screening

Technical Parameters: Number of cores: Single Core to 4 Core

Cross Section Area: Single Core Cables : 4 to 1000 sq mm as Per Specs.

Multi Core: 4 to 630 sq mm as Per Specs.

Type of Conductor: Copper

Class: 1 & 2 IS : 8130

Insulation: PVC/HR PVC/ XLPE IS: 5831, IS 7098 (P-1)

Inner Sheath: PVC Tape Wrapped /Extruded PVC. ( ST-1/ ST-2 )

Type of Armouring

Multi Core Cables: Galvanized Steel Round Wire/Flat Strip

Single Core Cables: Non-Magnetic, Aluminum Round Wire/Flat Strip

Outer Sheath: Extruded PVC /FR /FRLS/ LSZH.( ST-1/ST -2)

Application: Thermal Power Stations, Power Distribution Systems Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Oil Refineries, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings

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