Control Cable

Control Cable

Standards: IS 1554 Part-1, 1988, IS 7098 Part-1 1988, IEC 60502 & BS 5467

Voltage Grade: 1100V

Product Range: 61 Cores Armoured/ Unarmoured 1.5 / 2.5 sq mm

Codes: Constituent

2X: XLPE Insulation

W: Round Steel Wire

F: Flat Steel Strip Armoured

WW: Double Flat Steel Strip Armoured

WA: Non-Magnetic Aluminum Round Wire Armoured

FA: Non-Magnetic Aluminum Strip Armoured

Y: PVC Outer Sheathe

Technical Parameters

Number of Cores: 2 to 61 Core

Cross Section Area: 1.5 to 2.5 sq mm as per Specs.

Type of Conductor: Solid/ Stranded Copper

Class: 1 & 2 IS : 8130

Insulation: PVC/HR PVC/ XLPE IS: 5831, IS 7098 (P-1)

Inner Sheath: Extruded PVC (ST-1/ST-2 )

Type of Armouring: Galvanized Steel Round Wire/Flat Strip

Outer Sheath: Extruded PVC /FR /FRLS/ LSZH.( ST-1/ST -2)

Application: Digital Control & Monitoring, Information Systems, Industrial and Building Automation.

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